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Oral Cancer Screening…Is Your Dentist Doing This?

Cancer is a frightening word, and unfortunately it's possible to get cancer in your mouth. If your dentist isn't performing an oral cancer screening at every appointment, they should be. By doing this kind of screening on every patient, every time, it's easier to catch a problem when it's just starting, before it gets too…
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Gum Disease Signs/Symptoms as an Indicator of Systemic Disease

All too often, people don't take gum disease seriously. They see a little blood when they brush, but they ignore it. They might have some pain, or a tooth that's loose, but they don't see it as a big problem. Unfortunately, these could be indications of gum disease, as can gums that are red or…
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Oral Hygiene and Diet for Kids

It's no secret that oral hygiene is important. It's also no secret that kids like to eat sugar and sweet treats. Unfortunately, the two things don't go together very well. To protect your children's oral hygiene, you'll want to consider their diet. They should brush, floss, and have regular dental check-ups, but what they eat…
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How to Avoid Common Tooth-Damaging Habits

When people are asked about what they think damages teeth, they will probably mention sugar. They would be right, but that's not the only problem. You might be surprised to know that acidic things like orange juice can also damage the enamel on your teeth, too. You don't have to avoid these things, but you…
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